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  • Drive technology
  • Belt drive technology

Rigid Couplings - split Steel

Material steel 1.0503 / 1.0718

Maximum input power ( speed & torque )
can only be transmitted at

  • precisely aligned shaft ends
  • max. dimensional accuracy of the waves
  • identical shaft diameter - different shaft diameters on request
  • proper installation

The use of rigid couplings ideally requires the additional installation of base camps in the region of the respective shaft ends, especially if long waves are operated at high speed. In this way, the bending stress of the clutches can reduce maximum.

Rigid Couplings - split - Steel
Rigid Couplings - split - Steel
Order numberNm maxdARL 
371-000-00063062022,430without groove
371-000-00085082425,735without groove
371-000-001010010293245without groove
371-000-0012100123032,945without groove
371-000-0014190143739,750without groove
371-000-0015190153740,150without groove
371-000-0016190163840,950without groove
371-000-0020350204448,565without groove
371-000-0025390255053,375without groove
371-000-0030475305557,783without groove
371-000-0035110035677295without groove
371-000-00401325407779,2108without groove
371-000-00502250508893,5124without groove
371-000-10063062022,430with groove
371-000-10085082425,735with groove
371-000-101010010293245with groove
371-000-1012100123032,945with groove
371-000-1014190143739,750with groove
371-000-1015190153740,150with groove
371-000-1016190163840,950with groove
371-000-1020350204448,565with groove
371-000-1025390255053,375with groove
371-000-1030475305557,783with groove
371-000-1035110035677295with groove
371-000-10401325407779,2108with groove
371-000-10502250508893,5124with groove
371-000-1060393360100105,2150with groove
371-000-1065801865115119,9200with groove
371-000-1070863470122125,4220with groove